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Schuetzenfest Queens

Congratulations to our 2011 Schuetzenfest Queens!


Miss Schuetzenfest 2011

Teen Miss Schuetzenfest2011 Young Miss 2011 Little Miss Schuezenfest
Miss Schuetzenfest
Lauren Brooke Perry
Teen Miss Schuetzenfest
Caleigh Dawson Sanders
Young Miss Schuetzenfest Kendall Morgan Perry
Little Miss Schuetzenfest
Morgan Green

Wee Miss Schuetzenfest 2011

Little Miss Tiny Tot Little Master and MC
Wee Miss Schuetzenfest
Emily Anne Heape
Little Miss Tiny Tot
Kinley Carlisle Duckett
Little Master
Jackson 'Reese' Folk
2011 Master of Ceremonies
Former Queen Brittany Welch
Our 2011 line-up of Schuetzenfest Beauty Pageant winners! From left: Hannah Martin, Runner Up Young Miss; Kendall Morgan Perry, Young Miss; Riley Hart Ridgeway, Teen Miss Runner Up; Master of Ceremonies, former queen Brittany Welch; Caleigh Dawson Sanders, Teen Miss; Lauren Brooke Perry, Miss Schuetzenfest; and Victoria Coleman, Runner Up Miss Schuetzenfest.
PageantHannah Martin, Runner Up Young Miss Schuetzenfest and Young Miss Schuetzenfest, Kendall Morgan Perry

Runner Up Wee Miss Schuetzenfest, LeeAnn Purvis, and Wee Miss, Emily Anne Heape

PageantLittle Miss Tiny Tot, Kinley Carlisle Duckett, and Runner Up, Jacqueline Ariana Jones

Abigail Carter Turner and LeeAnn Purvis, Wee Miss contestants.

Our Miss Schuetzenfest Beauty Pageant is held about a month before Schuetzenfest, and each year there are more and more beauties from in and around Ehrhardt who light up the stage at our Ehrhardt Auditorium. We're proud of these dazzling young people who represent Ehrhardt in parades and functions at festivals in our neighboring towns.

Young Miss, Kendall Morgan Perry, Miss, Lauren Brooke Perry and Teen Miss, Caleigh Dawson Sanders.
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Flucie Sease Flucie Sease, Schuetzenfest Chairman
and beauty pageant organizer



2011 Miss Schuetzenfest Lauren Brooke Perry and Runner-Up Victoria Coleman

Riley Hart Ridgeway, Teen Miss Runner Up and Caleigh Dawson Sanders, Teen Miss

Runner Up Little Miss Schuetzenfest, Kallie Peyton Sullivan, and Little Miss Schuetzenfest, Morgan Green


Beauty Pageant 2011

Farewell to our 2010 Schuetzenfest Queens...

Wee Miss Schuetzenfest 2010

Little Miss Schuetzenfest 2010 Young Miss Schuetzenfest Teen Miss Schuetzenfest 2010 Miss Schuetzenfest 2010
Wee Miss Schuetzenfest
Macey Bonnette
Little Miss Schuetzenfest
Caroline Antley
Young Miss Schuetzenfest Lindsey Darnell
Teen Miss Schuetzenfest
Hannah Lynn Platt
Miss Schuetzenfest
Sarah Savannah Conner

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