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Welcome to Ehrhardt, South Carolina!
Downtown Ehrhardt, SC
Don't miss our yearly town festival, the Schuetzenfest, which takes place August 19-25th, with the beauty pageant (July 28th) and several other special events taking place the week prior.

If you have ever been to Ehrhardt, South Carolina, you’ll notice that we live a slower paced lifestyle, and it’s almost like going back in time. Everyone knows everyone else and there’s always a friendly hand waving as you pass them in the street.

The town of Ehrhardt itself is located in Bamberg County, and there are many outlying farms and properties encompassing what is considered Ehrhardt. We have been around since 1860, so our history is rich and diverse.

This site was created as a meeting place on the web for anyone who has ever lived in or loved Ehrhardt, or even if you're just passing through. We invite you to join our Facebook site called Fans of Ehrhardt, SC and take part in our discussions of bygone times. On our facebook site, there are also tons of old and new photos and local announcements for activities that go on all year in and around Ehrhardt, so be sure to tune in and add your own.

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